Construction Works and Installation for Constructed Tratment Wetlands

Project Details

Client WB/EIB
Location Albania
Discipline Engineering
Start 2007-03-07
Finish 2011-04-30
Value 5477658.68 €
The public consultation process related to the new discharge waters of the Saranda CTW engendered the following concerns: on Ksamili settlement and some other smaller settlements get water supply from the wells near Cuka canal. The wastewater collected in the Saranda town was lifted by a pumping station, located near the former Butrinti Hotel, up-to the Bistrica river (Cuka Canal), with an out-fall located close to the existing bridge on the river. The Saranda CTW final design includes the following solution for the future effluent discharging: Pumped Out-fall into Bistrica river: the effluent will be discharged in the Cuka canal by a pumping station, with the new proposed out-fall located 1,75 km upstream the existing sewage out-fall. The new sewage out-fall is located at 2,5 Km up-steam from the sea out-fall; Emergency Gravity out-fall in the Butrinti Lake: emergency CTW out-fall by gravity into an existing open drainage discharging, via an existing hydropower, in the Butrinti lake and then to the sea. The project was one of the biggest in the south of Albania.